Hip Hop

Hip Hop:  Find your own sense of confidence when you study the swagger and style of hip hop.  Move with us as we dance to high-energy beats and learn hip-hop dance routines.  Individualize each class with your own classic pose and moves.  Hip hop dancing is dynamic and helps to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Level I (ages 5-11): This class serves as an introduction to hip-hop dance for beginner-intermediate level dancers.  While focusing on rhythm and footwork students can improve their memory and cognitive skills. A great way to get kids moving!

Level II (ages 12-17): This class is designed with the older child in mind. Kids who have previously attended hip-hop I have the opportunity to further experience this genre. 

Adult Hip hop (18+):  Adults can dance too! Feel free to enroll in our adult hip hop course where choreography moves at a faster pace and more advanced moves come into play. 

  • Choreography and lessons move at a quicker pace. If you’re unsure if this class will suit you, contact us.