Broadway Jazz:    Teaches Broadway-style jazz choreography and helps students grasp stage presence while focusing on learning song-and-dance numbers from a variety of musical productions. Broadway Jazz is a great fit for a child with a passion for the arts, acting, musicals, or Jazz!

Jazz:  This class introduces basic jazz movements and terminology.  Each class incorporates a warm-up, introductory training of jazz technique, combinations using jazz movement and innovative choreography that emphasizes on storytelling.

Level I (ages 5-11): Jazz I is an introductory class that incorporates innovative choreography, individual style, and creativity. Dancers will learn the beginning steps of jazz and choreography sequences in order to elevate their technique.

Level II (ages 12-17):  Jazz II builds student’s style and confidence while in a low-pressure environment. Jazz I students can further their strengths in Jazz II and learn more techniques. 

Adult Jazz (18+): Adults can dance too! Feel the Beat’s Adult Jazz course moves at a faster pace and more advanced moves come into play. Express yourself and utilize Feel the Beat’s groundbreaking dance floor that emphasizes musical vibration during instruction and furthers your strength and abilities as a dancer. Adult Jazz is a wonderful way to stay fit, creative, and interact with other dancers. 


  • Note: Second level classes will work at a faster pace than Level I. If you’re unsure if this class will suit you, please contact us.