Julia Faliano is a Teacher of the Deaf, certified children’s yoga instructor, as well as the co-founder of Feel the Beat.  She has a long history with working with children who are Deaf, hard of hearing, and have special needs both as a volunteer in the community and as a teacher.  She is passionate about bridging gaps in the community to create greater accessibility and opportunity for children.

Julia has a BA in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and an Elementary Teaching License from the University of Colorado.   She is finishing her MA in Deaf Education from the University of Northern Colorado Spring 2018.

Julia started volunteering in classrooms for deaf and hard of hearing students as a sophomore in high school and quickly discovered it was a perfect career match.  In addition to teaching, she has used her skills to provide story times in sign language, face paint at deaf events, and conduct research on early intervention and language development.  While dance and music are new to Julia, she is ready to continue empowering young children and making learning fun.