About Us

Feel the beat is a dance studio that makes dance accessible for ALL!

Our mission is to bring the expressive world of dance and music education to the lives of those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing, and with Special Needs. We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to experience the joy of music, dance, and expression! Our organization has developed a curriculum that incorporates a vibrational dance floor, sign language, and specially constructed tools to aid in the experience of music and dance. 

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    Yadira Martin

    "As a mother of a child with a hearing loss, I want to personally thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity for kids in the deaf and hard of hearing community. I know that your studio is going to bring a tremendous amount of joy to these kids and to their families."

    Luci Gale

    "There is music out there and it’s everywhere but we never get to feel and connect and we’re kind of left out. It’s really cool. I can’t hear the words but I can feel it and get the connection of the rhythm and the beat."

    Heather Grizzle-Odland

    "Alexis had tons of fun at her first dance session and surprisingly enough was able to cooperate with the others. This is a sure sign it's a comfort zone for toddlers and young kids to have fun!"

    Our Supporters

    Dance and music education is equally accessible to all!

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