My child is not deaf, can I still bring them to Feel The Beat?

Yes! Any and every child is welcome at Feel the Beat! We are a dance program designed to be fully accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing, and children with special needs, however, out dance classes are welcome and appropriate for all kids. Come join our community and try a class today! 

My child has special needs, what accommodations do you offer? 

At Feel the Beat we are open and willing to do what your child needs in order to be successful and safe at Feel the Beat.  You can fill out any accommodations your child needs on the registration paperwork and you are welcome to call or email (303-816-8683, if you have further questions or would like to chat about options for your child!  

My child is deaf/has a hearing loss but does not use sign language. Will they be able to understand the teachers?

Our classes are presented in a total communication format in which all instruction is presented in voiced English and sign language.  

What happens if I need to miss a class?

If you need to miss a class at Feel the Beat and you have notified us at least 24 hours in advance you may attend a makeup class for free.

There is no required dance attire for Feel the Beat classes.  We ask that students come dressed in clothes that they have freedom to move in and that they leave their street shoes outside the studio in a cubby.

Does my child need special clothes to dance at Feel The Beat?

Please contact us for any questions regarding additional funding and payment plans.  You can contact us by phone (303-816-8683) or email (

Are there funding options/payment plans for Feel The Beat class fees?